At Ample we strive to provide you with the best personnel in the business.  We also recognize that it takes more than a few certified technicians, or a couple of techs with tons of experience, to provide you will a complete solution for your information technology needs.

Of course we have experience, of course we have the tools, but we also have the office support personnel, the ability and commitment to work together as a team to ensure you are provided with every possible solution. We are not just co-workers, we attend Thanksgiving lunch together every year, we have lunch together, dinner together, attend each other's birthday parties, weddings, and social events. We even support each other's hobbies!

Come by and see how the Ample family can serve your family.

Our Staff
Lane Gregson

Lane founded Ample in 2000 because he honestly believed the slogan he coined, "better service @ a better price".  

Lane has spent over twenty years working on computers of one flavor or another. It seems like yesterday we cleaned out his stockpile of Apple IIe computers from his garage. In his spare time he is a world class Knapper and champion arrow head finder.

Tracie Harper

Ample's first "employee". Tracie manages the office, keeps the books, and since she is Lane's sister, is in charge of Lane's hair loss program.

Tracie's previous occupation as a TDCJ guard is perfect for keeping us all in line (I will be in solitary confinement as soon as she sees this).


Matt Ibanez
Senior Technician 

The big guy in the little white truck (yes, there is a story behind that, ask him!). Matt brings experience from a unique perspective as previously he worked in the corporate IT arena. Matt takes care of one of our school districts and many of our servers.
Chelcy Brumlow
Office Support

Tracie's oldest daughter and full time SHSU student, if you call or come by you will probably get to meet her. Chelcy is the one who ask the seemingly obvious questions that make us all stop and wonder why we never asked that question.
Jason Gouge
Field Technician

Jason comes from a previous career as a telephone technical support specialist which helps us help you remotely. He is also our friendly neighborhood data recover guru should your hard drive die without having backups (you do have data backups, right?).

Chief Feline Officer

Zorro is more in charge than you might think, and he is not even our cat! He lives with the nice people next door and decides when he wants to come in and take over one of our chairs, or our benches, or our laps. So what happens if we try to use the chair? Kitten's got claws!
Photography courtesy of our resident DSLR astrophotography with astrophotography forum
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