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Off Site Backup

There are a lot of backup solutions on the market today, and many of them are cloud based. These certainly have their uses and we have many clients using them. But sometimes you need to back up a lot of data and you need to make sure it is safe from threats such as ransomware which will encrypt your backups too, and from things like fire and flood.

The best solution for this is to back up to an external hard drive and rotate them so that every week one is taken off site and replaced with another one. This makes sure you can store a lot of data, store it safely, and recover it quickly should the need arise.

Two serious problems come up with this idea; making sure that the backups actually run when they should, and making sure they get rotated like they should.

Ample can help you solve this problem by not only setting up your backups to start with, but also providing a service where we come by every week, check your backups to make sure they are working, and then rotating your hard drives taking one with us to store in a fire proof safe on our premises.

There is nothing worse than thinking you have good backups and finding out you do not, right when you need them the most. This service adds an additional protection to the mix so you can be confident things are working as they should.