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Business Phone Systems

While communications has dramatically moved towards forms such as email, most businesses still rely heavily on their phone systems every day. When something happens and that system goes down it can cost serious money as people call your competitors.

At Ample we have over 20 years of experiences installing and maintaining business grade phone systems (home phones and fax systems too!) from most of the major manufacturers. In fact, we even have a Vertical/Comdial certified technician on staff.

From simple analog phones you purchased at the big box stores, to state of the art VOIP systems, we have installed and worked on them all. We have installed systems in small home offices, corporate offices, school districts, and even state agencies all over the state of Texas.

Need something for one line that is inexpensive and has no frills? No problem.

Need something for hundreds of extensions and twenty incoming phone numbers, with voicemail, auto attendant, menus, and can email you your voicemails immediately after someone leaves it? Piece of cake.