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Too many computer repair places these days are just basic repair. Ask for something a little out of the ordinary and you get some strange looks. We believe that you should have one call for your IT needs and should never hear, "sorry, we don't do that". If there is anything you need that is not listed here, odds are we offer that service, call us and see.


Many computer repair companies are quite concerned with price and speed of repair. While those qualities are indeed important we think they run a distant second to how well the repair is performed. We can all say "in by 9am out by 2pm", once 2pm is here, fixed or not, well done or not, out it goes. The same goes for price, we could use cheap labor and cheap parts and charge the cheapest price around, but we don't.


We try to provide the best value for your hard earned dollars, and that means highly skilled and therefore well paid technicians, top of the line diagnostic software and tools, and doing the best job possible, the first time. In addition when you pick up your machine from us notice that the entire case has been blown out so it is clean and dust free, also notice that we cleaned the outside of the case, this is not some new marketing gimmick as we have done this for many years. Our professionalism demands this level of service, shouldn't you?

General Computer Repair
We repair hardware, troubleshoot software, remove viruses and spyware, upgrade components, move data to new machines and much more. We can service machines based on DOS, Windows, OS/2, Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS 5/6/7/8/9/X, Solaris, BeOS, Amiga, and others. We carry a large inventory of components so that the bulk of repairs can be performed immediately without waiting on parts.

We use state of the art professional diagnostic software, multiple bench machines and large well lit areas for our repairs. Our facility can handle up to twelve desktops and four laptops simultaneously on our benches, with over sixty more on our incoming shelf, our waiting on parts shelf and our finished shelf.

We keep all this organized using our in house custom built touch screen database system which is linked in real time to our website where you can check on the status of your workorder right on our home page.

Custom Computer Design and Building
Nearly every computer repair company, and most of your friends, offer custom computers. After all, custom computers allow you to spend your money on what you need, not what some guy in China thinks you need. Why in the world would you come to us instead of letting your neighbor build it for you?

Our technicians have spent years learning what works with what, and what doesn't. We knew why your new build didn't work when there is a PCI card installed right next to the AGP slot. We know why your USB 3.0 NEC chipset doesn't get along with your Marvel 6G SATA controller and how to fix it. We understand what video cards work well with AutoCAD and which ones don't, what you need to be able to edit video with one software package and how that changes depending one what package you switch to. We also know why your new P55 Express chipset has no drivers listed as such on Intel's website, do you?

We carry only the finest parts to assemble our computers, brands such as Asus, Antec, Kingston, Corsair, Vantec, Microsoft, Logitech, Acer, Viewsonic, XFX and many more.
Including Windows NT/2000/2003/2008 servers, SQL server, Exchange server, Linux, Novell, Mac OS X server, OS/2 servers, domains, workgroups, NDC trees, wireless, (A/H/S)DSL, cable, T1/Fiber, cable drops, Cisco, Linksys, Dlink, 3Com, Intel, etc.

Some places claim to do networking, and they will plug in your router to a switch, then configure the router for your ISP. When we say we do networking we mean all of it. From hooking up your new laptop to your home wireless network, to cabling entire buildings with hundreds of cable drops linked on 100MB wireless links to other buildings miles away with multiple domain controllers.

We carry a wide array of networking components in stock such as wired and wireless network cards, cat3/5/6 cable in thousand feet boxes, multiple colors of faceplates in 1/2/4 port configurations, internal & external wall boxes, RJ11 & RJ45 connectors, and tons more to make sure we can handle your networking job today, not whenever the parts come in.
Printer Repair
Dot matrix, laser, color laser, inkjet, bubblejet, thermal, dye-sub, and more. We service all brands including HP, Xerox, Minolta, Epson, Canon, Brother, and many others. We maintain a large selection of parts for common printers in stock and can special order most other parts quickly.

Printers as old as HP Laserjet 2s and as new as they come, we have the experience and tools to repair them all.
Telephone Systems
Line repair, systems diagnostics, system replacements, voicemail, system programming, autoattendant, cable drops, etc. We are an authorized Vertical/Comdial dealer and have solutions from four phones to four hundred, from standard analog phones to digital and even to VOIP and hybrid systems. We can service most major brands.

Your old system down? Ready for a new one? Let us quote you a commercial grade phone system designed to give you decades of worry free use.
Website Design and Promotion
Complete design, hosting, promotion, and registration services. One place to call for help or questions and one bill, easy as that. Our servers are located on a 100Mb backbone connection in a state of the art facility, backed up daily, battery and generator power backups, and offer PHP/Frontpage/CGI extentions, SSL, databases, video streaming and more. We also offer domain transfers, website moving, full registration and renewal services. We can host your website for as low as $9.99 a month!

In addition, other companies will charge you hundreds of dollars extra in setup fees for an online web site creation and editing tool, then charge you extra each month to use it, that and much more is FREE with all of our plans!

For more information visit visit our dedicated web host site at http://www.amplecomputers.net
Maintenance Agreements
Our maintenance agreements cover all your hardware and virus/spyware needs, give you priority service calls, discounts on labor rates, and yearly cleanings to keep your systems running at peak performance. They are available on computers, monitors, printers, faxes, telephones, scanners, and more.
Retainer Agreements
Need more than a few hours a month in labor and want a discount? Ask about our retainer agreements. We can customize a retainer agreement for your specific needs giving you priority service and discounts for purchasing blocks of time in advance.
Custom Programming
If you can't find software off the shelf that will do what you want, let us write it for you. We can provide simple utilities, stand alone databases, or huge multiuser databases running multimillion dollar corporations. These can be small standalone applications, networked systems, web integrated, and much more. The system we use to run our business and allows you to check the status of your workorder online is completely custom built in house, right down to the touch screen interface in our shop for the technicians to keep statuses current.
Emergency Services
It never seems to fail that everyone is closed or on holiday when a critical system failure occurs. We understand that, and offer 24 hour, 365 day a year emergency services for an additional fee. That's right, 2am Christmas Eve we will dispatch a technician to your office anywhere in our service area to rebuild your data, remove spyware, repair your printer, whatever you need.

During hurricane Ike when most of Huntsville was out of power for a week, we were the ONLY computer service company open and running service calls. You may ask, why? Many of our customers needed help getting their systems up and running on generators, some customers wanted to bypass their big phone systems which do not work without power with simple one line telephones which ran off the phone lines, and some customers who had power needed help repairing damaged equipment. This is one of the reasons we are open more hours in the week than any of our competitors. Don't you want your computer service company to be there when you need them?
Data Recovery
At Ample we stress your need to back up your data and offer a wide selection of hardware, software and media to help you accomplish this task. All hard drives and media eventually fails, maybe in ten years, maybe this afternoon, are you prepared?

With that being said we also offer data recovery from many different types of media including hard drives, flash drives and more. Our experts and professional software can recover most data right here in our shop. Should that fail we are also partners with a clean room facility which can recover even some of the most damaged hard drives, failed RAID arrays, and more.
The Little Stuff
Ever noticed how you need that one little thing and can't find anyone who does it? VHS to DVD conversion, video to web, video to DVD authoring, video editing, high speed scanning, audio transfer/editing, graphic conversions, color laser printing, and much more. No task is too small or too "weird", give us a call!
Used Equipment Sales
Looking for a computer for the kids? A spare monitor? A nicer case? We carry a wide range of excellent used equipment ready to go home and be given a second life. Reasonably priced, legal operating systems included, with warranties.
Online Backup
As we stated under data recovery above, all media fails eventually. Yes, even USB drives, CDROM discs, etc. Even though we recommend a local backup solution usually consisting of multiple USB hard drives rotated weekly storing complete images of your hard drive, sometimes you need that little extra security of an online backup that would survive a fire or local natural disaster such as a hurricane. Or maybe you just want the peace of mind and a very easy solution.

For those times we have partnered with Mozy to bring you unparalleled capabilities, all starting as low as $5 per month.
Parts Inventory
We maintain a large inventory of PC components, printer parts and accessories for your every need. These include cables, connectors, motherboards, hard drives, optical drives, power supplies, cases, processors, memory, KVM switches, network cards, video cards, switches, routers, wireless access points, keyboards, mice, operating systems, Microsoft Office, external hard drives, backup software, patch cables, media, USB drives, controller cards, UPSs (battery backup units), monitors, CPU & chipset heatsink/fans, case fans and much much more.
School/Government/Corporate Client Amenities
Larger entities need different options than smaller ones. To fill these needs we provide client logins on our website which allows you to enter new workorders directly into our service database, track the status of your currently active workorders, edit workorders and more. This can be divided per department, campus or region, or you can have one online account to track them all. In addition, we keep electronic copies of all documentation you may access at any time.

We also offer leasing options for larger purchases
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