Remote Support
We can provide a full range of remote support options for you. To access this feature, you will need to call our office and schedule a support session, then when instructed by our remote support technician you can click on the logo to the left to run the remote support application.
Information about your Ample Computer
When does your Ample computer warranty expire? What components came in your computer? Enter your serial number from the barcode on your machine into the form below to find out! Enter only the last six digits as indicated in the image below. Your barcode should be on the back or side of your desktop, or on the bottom of your laptop if you purchased your unit in 2009 or later. If you are missing your barcode, please call us and we will get one out to you immediately.
Serial Number:      
Software/Drivers Updates
If you need to update your hardware drivers, or need to reinstall them, click on a logo below to go to the manufacturer's website and download them.
Video Cards
Network Cards
Website/Email Assistance
Email Settings (For our hosted customers only)

Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:
We support outgoing SMTP email on both port 25 and 587
Webmail access:

NOTE: If your domain ends in something other than .com use that in the above examples instead of the ".com".

Control Panel Access

Your control panel allows you to add/change/remove email addresses, reset or change passwords, create forwarders, move files, adjust spam filters and much much more. You can view the documentation here.

Your control panel:

Log Into Your Support Account
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NOTE: Online support accounts are for our school, government or corporate customers. You must already have an online support account to access this area, to set up such an account, please call our office.
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